There is more then that, 2021
Digital 4K & Super 8mm, 9:30min, dcp 5.1  

The sun is blinding. They stare at a radio hanging in the air far above them. Like in "Waiting for Godot" you can't escape the feeling that everything seems to be quite absurd. But an urge for change drives the three on a quest that will perhaps never end.

+ Cast & Crew

      Cast: Julia Franz Richter, Claudia Kainberger & Sebastjian Gec
      Buch & Regie: Alex Kasses
      Kamera, Schnitt & Musik: Alex Kasses
      Assistence: Johanna Karg, Michael Wallinger & Gabriel Schnetzer
      With the support of Wienerberger GmbH

+ Directors Statement

Behind the scenes;