Similarities, 2021  

Similarities is a 360 degree curved video installation. On a surface spanning 18 meters with a total of 580 flexible led-modules. Self-generating forms are created that are in constant transformation through time in shape, color, brightness and texture. The video installation opens up constantly new viewing spaces through the possibility of an all-around walk-through and the constant change of the graphic level. Like a lighthouse in front of an island, the work floats in the glazed ArtBox and lights a way in the dark.

Concept and project-development: Alex Kasses
Hardware & 3D-visualization development:
Michael Wallinger, Stefano D'Alessio, Enrico Zago

Interactive video visualization: THISPLAY GmbH
Emanuel Andel, Alexander Hackl, Carolina Bischof

Photo: Igor Ripak
In cooperation with Museumsquartier Vienna & Mq ArtBox