Alex Kasses

Alex Kasses (*1985) is from Vienna, where he also lives and works. He graduated (Mag.Art) 2021 under Prof. Brigitte Kowanz in the class for Transmedia Art at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. Between 2013 and 2015, he visited the class for Digital Art under Prof. Ruth Schnell, also at the University of Applied Arts Vienna. From 2010 to 2013 he studied at the Institute for electroacoustics and computer music at the MDW, University of Music and Performing Arts Vienna.

His artistic practice focuses on the relationship between humans, nature and technology. The exploration of this complex theme takes place in interdisciplinary works that primarily combine time-based media such as film, music or performance. In his works, Kasses addresses contemporary social and political issues, dealing with areas such as digitalization, social norms, as well as existential human conditions. Depending on the type of project and the intended mode of reception (film, installation, web), Kasses usually works in an interdisciplinary context and incorporates a wide variety of media. For his sound and object installations, he usually uses materials found in public spaces, whose usability he first questions in a process of critical reflection, in order to then open them up by transferring them into a new context. The focus is usually on exploring the immersive and perception-expanding potential of audiovisual media.

For Kasses, media are subject to a constant process of re-contextualization and reorientation. Nonlinearity, an open form, as well as the play with coincidences and free association possibilities for recipients are important parameters in the work of Alex Kasses. In his cinematic works, the sparse, empty and alienated in interpersonal relationships as well as the tendency towards utopia occupy a central position, which are expanded and interrelated by sociological, philosophical or autobiographical observations.

In 2020 Alex Kasses was engaged by the Museumsquartier Wien for the realization of artistic interventions in the opening week of the "MQ Libelle", where among others his video installation "Similarities" as well as the light installation "Fraktal" could be seen.
In 2021 his short feature film "Raue Naechte", starring Thomas Kolle, Aline-Sarah Kunisch and Maria Hengge, premiered at the "Int. Shortfilm Festival New York".

Since 2010 Alex Kasses has been continuously expanding his artistic portfolio. He works as a DoP, sound designer, musician, video editor or dramaturge, among others, and thus continues to differentiate his intermedial and interdisciplinary approach to art. The following is a selection of his most recent projects and collaborations with artists and institutions:


2021 /There is more then that (Experimental, Buch und Regie)
2021 /Raue Naechte (Kurzspielfilm, Buch und Regie)
2019 /Kompositum IV / GOLEM, von Kozek Hörlonski,
(Kamera, Schnitt & Sounddesign)
2019 /Angewandte Festival 2019, Video-Dokumentation (Kamera, Edit, Sounddesign)
2018 /Voilá (Essay, Buch und Regie)
2018 /GUGGING, von Alja Piry (Schnitt, Sounddesign)
2018 /Into the Woods, Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Retrospektive
(Konzept, Edit, Sounddesign)
2018 /Sweatshop Wien, Mini Serie, von Hermanus de Jongh
(2.Regie, Kamera, Edit, Sounddesign)
2017 /Per Aspera Ad Astra, von Peter Fritzenwallner (2.Kamera & Schnitt)
2017 /Klasse für Transmediale Kunst, Trailer (Kamera, Edit, Sounddesign)
2016 /Mir : Variabel (Experimental, Buch und Regie)
2015 /If architecture could talk, von Katrin Hornek (Sounddesign)
2015 /Cjanal, von Eva Engelbert (Setton, Schnitt & Sounddesign)

Awards Filmfestival

2021 /Reaktor International Film Festival,
Beste Schauspielerin Aline-Sarah Kunisch, Raue Naechte
2021 /Int. Shortfilm Festival New York, Best Foreign Short, Raue Naechte
2021 /Venezia Shorts Raue Naechte, Best Male Director, Raue Naechte
2021 /Film in Focus, Best Editor, Raue Naechte

Künstler:innen - Porträts der Arbeiterkammer Wien

2022 /Klaus Popitzer, Real Life Matters
2022 /Siegfried Zaworka, KNOCHENJOB
2021 /Ovidiu Anton, PATCHWORKS
2021 /Christina Werner,
2020 /Sonia Leimer, MODIMIDOFR
2019 /Clemens Fürtler, Bildmaschine
2019 /Alfredo Barsuglia, ORIGINALKOPIE

Ausstellungen, Sound & Performance- Kooperationen

2021 /Galerie Krintzinger, Hoisted with our own petard,
Diplomausstellung (Videoinstallation)
2021 /Artbox MQ Wien, Similarities (Videoinstallation)
2021 /IFFI - International Film Festival Innsbruck, Trailer (Sounddesign und Schnitt)
2021 /Hörspiel, und auf den Felsen liegt Schnee, von Sanja Halb (elektroakustische Komposition)
2020 /Leopoldmuseum, Fraktal (Licht- und Klanginstallation)
2020 /Museumsquartier MQ Libelle, Risse im Beton (Performance, Komposition)
2019 /Bildraum 01, VOILÀ (Screening)
2018 /The Essence 2018, VOILÀ (Screening)
2018 /Wuk, Sauna von Malika Fankah (Sounddesign)
2018 /Messe Basel, THERE WILL BE NO MORE <THERE>, WE
WILL ALL BE <HERE> von Maureen Kaegi (Sounddesign)
2018 /Death Row Groupies – A.C.U. (Musikvideo)
2018 /Silent Green Berlin,
Lesung mit Philipp Weiss & Raphaela Schöbitz (Live-Performance)
2017 /Minus World, Mir : Variabel (Screening)
von Malika Fankah
2017 /12-14 Contemporary, Nervy Glass (Klanginstallation)
2017 /Kunstraum Niederösterreich, Lightness and Matter (Screening)
2017 /Heiligenkreuzerhof, BITORESC - Palmtree Everywhere!
(Objekt- und Videoinstallation)
2016 /Public Domain-Porgy & Bess, Palmtree Everywhere!
(Objekt- und Videoinstallation)
2016 /Tanzquartier Wien, Exitement of our people von Raul Maia
(Sounddesign, Bühnenbild)
2015 /Zeit-Ton extended Ö1, Transducing the City (Klanginstallation)
2015 /Sommerloch MQ Wien, Lesung mit Philipp Weiss (Live-Performance)
2015 /Im_Flieger, remember this kiss you´ve never tasted von Karin Pauer
(Sound- und Video)
2014 /Schockoladenfabrik CROSSBREEDS, tin.180 (Klanginstallation)
2014 /mo_e, Moving Around X von Michael O’Connor (Sound- und Video)
2013 /Impulstanz Festival, TERTIARY von Michael O’Connor
(elektroakustische Komposition)
2013 /Image Tanz, Star Diaries
von Agnieszka Dmochowska & Mariana Tengner Barros (Sounddesgin)
2013 /Echoraum, Elak (Live-Performance)
2012 /Tanzquartier Wien, Tin.180 (Klanginstallation)
2012 /Rundgang Akademie der bildenden Künste, Heartbreak Hotel (Klanginstallation)
2011 /Technisches Museum Wien, Elak (Live-Performance)
2011 /Singuhr - Hörgalerie Berlin (elektroakustische Komposition)
2010 /Festspielhaus St.Pölten, Which way to Happy von Claudia Six (Live-Performance)
2010 /Forum Stadtpark, Die Vögel (Live-Performance)

Klangregie, Bandprojekte & Kuration

2021 - 2022 /Albumproduktion Cagri Beklen & Tugba Yagmur (Produzent)
2018 /Running Fetus (Schlagzeug)
2016 - 2019 /Porgy&Bess, Strengekammer (Klangregie)
2011 /Alp Bora, Julia Pichler & Lukas Lauermann – Drama Köprüsü (Aufnahme, Mix)
2008 - 2010 /Die Vögel (Schlagzeug)
2007 - 2009 /Nim Sofian, Alp Bora (Ton)
2006 /Ron Bob, Familie Unsinn (Mix)
2005 –2008 /Phonetic Art, monatliche interdisziplinäre Veranstaltung
OstKlub Wien (Kuration)
2003 - 2005 /Timna Brauer & Elias Meiri (Ton)
2006 /Permament Vecation (Schlagzeug, Percussion)
2005 -2006 /Cakoon, (Schlagzeug)
2002 - 2003 /MediaVilm- Produktion, ORF (Kameraassistent)