Alex Kasses

There is more then that, 2022
10 min, Digital 4K & Super 8mm, 2,35:1


The victory of the sensorial is the achievement which can be gained from the sacrifice of the rational. Another idea of existence is at the center of the film. Three protagonists are looking forward in the darkness of the night. As if in a state of limbo, it is not possible to see where they are drifting. The three seem to be caught in a 'Beckett'schen loop', of their own selves. In a stone mine they try to look for answers, but no one really knows what they are looking for. Nevertheless, the weather seems to be good.

Based on the book "The Myth of Sisyphus" by Albert Camus, a space of the grotesque is created and at the same time the realization that the desire to understand prevents us from finding answers. Since the beginning of the 21st century, more rock material is shifted annually by the construction of the earth than by rivers, erosion and other non-humanly triggered processes. This circumstance Kasses trys to intertwined with the story of Sisyphus, who ultimately found happiness and meaning in rolling the stone up the mountain again and again. Architectural buildings that seem to reach into the endless heights are intended to trace this distortion of spatiality, which is always also in relation to the body, which leads to the question of the relationship between life and work. Can these areas be separated at all? Can we respond in an individual way to the most diverse needs? Can a collective sense of alienation also be treated collectively?

Cast & Crew    

Buch & Regie: Alex Kasses
Cast: Julia Franz Richter, Claudia Kainberger & Sebastjian Gec
Kamera, Schnitt & Musik: Alex Kasses
Assistence: Johanna Karg, Michael Wallinger & Gabriel Schnetzer