Alex Kasses

Fraktal, 2020
Light & Soundinstallation, Leopold Museum Vienna
6 Movingheads and 4 Channel Soundsystem

A total of six moving-head projectors and specially printed gobos on glass are used to project forms and symmetries from the architectural designs of the Mq Libelle based on works by Brigitte Kowanz, Eva Schlegel, and Laurids Ortner onto the façade of the Leopold Museum.

The projected shapes take a fractured, unclosed character, which through multiple overlaps and the different perspective viewpoints of the viewers always produces new patterns. Architecturally, the odd line, the open and motion-shifted circle lends the resting architecture in the form of a cube a dynamic component to the Leopold Museum. Due to the perspective distortion of the relative distance from the light source to the wall, a straight line becomes a curved one, creating an interplay between shape, distortion and overlap and the partially limited possibilities of the moving heads. The simplicity of a simple movement or the rise and fall of brightness is given a slowly graceful dramaturgy.

To be heard in the public space at the same time is a four-channel sound installation running syncronously to the light installation. Dialogue fragments from the film "Paris Texas" by Wim Wenders, paired with electroacoustic sound textures build the sound carpet. Like a mashup, a new context is created from existing materials and opens up a completely new approach to existing things.

Credits & Team:

Concept and composition: Alex Kasses
3D-visualization: Enrico Zago
Project assistent: Michael Wallinger, Stefano D'Alessio
Photo: Igor Ripak
Equpiment rental: Nuntio Audio-Video Solutions GmbH
Gobo Produktion: Goboworks
In cooperation with Museumsquartier Vienna & Leopold Museum Vienna